Textarea shifts way left when keyboard visible

Hi. I have a button on a view that opens up a new view for the user to add a note. The new view just has a textarea that encompasses the whole screen. When the note view is displayed initially, the keyboard automatically shows. When this happens, the majority of the view shifts to the left (way left), and most of the screen is black with the keyboard below. To remedy this, I can click the hide keyboard button on the keyboard, then select the textarea to type in, and it’s all ok.

When testing in Simulator, this did not occur, but when I tested the app on my device, it did. It’s not so bad on iPad but the iPhone is acting this way much worse.

In my NotesView.Activate method, I do have txtNote.SetFocus. Should I remove that?

Are you using auto-layout? If so, what are the properties you have for the textarea?

Thanks for the reply Justin. It was actually the SetFocus call that was causing the issue for me. Once I removed that and tested on the device, it ran well without shifting the view

The layout shouldn’t have been the issue in my case as it took up the entire view