TextArea.SelAlignment not working !?


I’m using TextArea.SelAlignment = TextArea.AlignCenter to center a piece of text. It shows up correctly. Then TextArea.StyledText.RTFData is saving the contents to a database for later use.

When I read out the database and handing over RTFData back to the text area, OS X handles the alignment correctly, but on Windows the text is still left aligned.

Same appears with TextArea.AlignCenter - on OS X no problem, but on Windows it is failing. Not in all cases (but I can’t see a pattern).

Is this a known bug or anything I have to take care about ? Any solution, comments, hints, tips are highly appreciated.


I found you have to remove the horizontal scrollbar if you have it set.

Horizontal scrollbar was not active.

If this turns being a bug in RS/Xojo, I really wonder why such basic things like text formatting are not better tested. :frowning:

@Dave S: When enabling the horizontal scrollbar, the visible text goes out of the box (seems to be another bug). But it does not influence RTFData (I have really tried any possible setting).

So before disabling this feature on my Windows app, I really would appreciate any solution to solve this issue.

Thank you for your efforts,


It’s exactly my problem… case created in January 2011… I’m speechless about the speed Xojo is fixing bugs. :frowning: