TextArea realtime update

How can added text in a Text Area control be updated in real time so it appears next time the application is run?
I do not want to save it to a file. What I am aiming is to keep confidential notes and keep adding to it in the second window containing the text area and this window will activate only after the first window containing a password is successful.
I ave the App setup but not able to retain the added text.
Hope someone can help with this.

If you don’t want to save it to a file then I would suggest an encrypted database. I understand that the database is a ‘file’ but this would be the only way I can see.

Thank you Simon.
I am a beginner and just touched on databases. As you say it is still a file. Can the encrypted database be cracked? People are always curious but within the program it may be less suspicious.
If no one has any other possibility I will use the database way and give filenames with a minimal curiosity. Cheers

Anything can be cracked!

But… Whether or not someone tries is not worth worrying about. If the data is that sensitive means that you shouldn’t be storing it on a computer anyway!

of if your worry about “storing in a file” is that you think someone can just open the file and see the data…

then encrypt the file. there are many ways from simple RC4 (routines on this forum) to Blowfish etc… all are as secure as using a “database”, because as you said “it is still a file”. but as Simon said. Anything that can be encrypted can be decrypted…

An encrypted SQLite database maybe? Not sure how unbreakable they are. Encrypt the record within the database for a second level of security.

Thank you all I will work on your suggestions. Good thing Xojo programs are portable and don’t have to store it in a computer.