Textarea on Window look sunken. want it flat instead

Do anyone know how to make the textarea look more like the mac version?

Currently it look sunken

the following is the mac version

and the one below is windows version

It’s OS styling. If you fidget with it on one version you’ll mess it up on other versions of the OS.

My personal recommendation would be to use standard OS elements and a normal UI.

If you set with no border in the Inspector you can use a canvas underneath to simulate the border you want, as Will Shank explained in https://forum.xojo.com/32230-border-color-of-a-text-field
You can also create a subclass with a ContainerControl to create the border you want in the Paint event.

That said I agree with Tim : better not shoehorn Windows into an OS X style. Users are accustomed to the OS style and may not appreciate an unusual UI.

thanks guy