TextArea Issues


I have a (readonly) TextArea and have 2 issues.

First I would like to set the Cursor to the standard mouse pointer. How do I do that correctly?

When I add this to the open method: Me.MouseCursor = System.Cursors.StandardPointer
…it seems to work but when I scroll down or move the mouse, the cursors flickers/switches between the standard Pointer and the ibeam.

And the second thing is, I would like to change the color when text is selected. There is a property called TextArea.SelTextColor but this doesn’t seems to work and switching between styled, multiline etc. doesn’t seem to make any difference.
Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

A readonly TextArea is showing the edit cursor because the user is still able to select and to copy text from TextArea (at least on OS X this is standard). If you don’t want this behavior, disable the TextArea – the mouse cursor will then be the standard arrow.

This property sets the Text color, not the highlight color. This function is set deep into the system, so you will need to use declares to change it.

See What's WINAPI's alternative for .NET TextBox.SelectionColor? - Stack Overflow for Windows for the principle.

I am sure there are declares for Mac OS X as well.

First clue here .

Second clue here.

Full answer Cursors.

Note: auto complete ignore this AFAIK.

[quote=204207:@Emile Schwarz]First clue here .

Second clue here.

Full answer Cursors.

Note: auto complete ignore this AFAIK.[/quote]

Emile, what you linked to works for most everything, but for TextFields and TextAreas, the IBeam has priority and appears whatever you set as soon as you get over them on both Mac and Windows.

Actually, I wonder if it would not be a good idea to mention that limitation in the LR. Paul ? Should I file a request ?