TextArea DropObject event not fired on MS Windows

I have a TextArea control that supports file drops.

Since I have updated Xojo to current 2018r2.0 the DropObject event is no longer fired. If you drag and drop a set of pictures, first one in directly inserted, my code in the DropObject event actually does something very different, it process all files and insert there names.

Same code has been working for years before I updated Xojo to current 2018r2.0

Same code works perfect on macOS.

Anybody else have seen that? Is this a new bug?


In what edition did it work the way you wanted? I’ve tested 2018r2, 2018r1.1, 2017r3 and 2016r4.1 in windows and it seems to act the way you describe albeit not that way you would want.

There is already a Bug report here: https://xojo.com/issue/35176