Textarea backcolor

Does anyone know of a method to change the background color of a textarea instead of it being just white?

There is an extension class in iOSLib - iOSLIbTextFieldExtension - that allows you to set the background colour of a textfield and I use this in my app. There is a similar class - iOSLibTextAreaExtension - that might do the same thing for a textarea. I haven’t used this so it’s just a suggestion that it might be worth checking out.

That did the trick! Thanks Jason!

Jason. I am only wanting to use that feature of IOSLib none of the rest of it. Have you scaled down the IOSLib to only the necessary pieces for this to work?

You may want to have a look at XojoiOSWrapper https://github.com/Mitchboo/XojoiOSWrapper

It contains a lot of classic methods wrapping the new framework, and also, BackgroundColor which can be applied to all iOSControls, and which you can use by itself.

Thanks Michel
I just last week incorporated IOSWrapper into my app. Did not realize it added background color to the TextField Control!

Do you have an example?

I had removed it from my Wrapper as I was not using it. So when I went looking today I did not see it!

Got it working!

Textarea1.BackGroundColor = &c80FF0000