TextArea Alignments

I checked the enum there:

and I do not found a decimal entry.

How can I do that ?

Use the enumerated value names not integers
That way even if they change the integer values you wont be affected unless they remove one

Thank you for your answer Norman.

There is no number, the only Values are strings and none allow a decimal alignment.

Think you want to create a bill will a TextArea: how can I align the numeric values (currency) ?

In a word processor, we have a decimal alignment in the rules.

Am I clear enough ?

oh nm I thought you meant you could not find the numeric values for alignment which is why I answered the way I did

Textarea doesnt have a “decimal alignment mode” that I’m aware of
I dont think it ever has

The only place decimal alignment existed was in listbox cells as far as I recall

In 2019r1.1 the alignments for text area are
(in 2019r2 and later these are an enumeration with the same purpose)

and only listbox cell alignment has decimal as an option

Thank you.