Text.FromUnicodeCodepoint: Equivalent String Method?

Is there an equivalent method for String without using Text Datatype?

Var emoji As Text = Text.FromUnicodeCodepoint(128169) // Pile of Poo

Pre API 2 Chr (really)

In API 2 String.Chr

It was supposed to look more like this:

Var emoji As String = Encodings.UTF8.Chr(128169) // Pile of Poo

Do you really have to prepend Encodings.UTF8 every time?

Might not be what you are looking for, but using the HEX value can get you the same with less code writing:

just basing my reply on the docs


Chr was altered many many many years ago to return the unicode code point value when the passed value was > 127

You CAN use the Encoding.Chr form as well


String.Chr doesn’t compile

Just going by the docs
String.Chr doesnt work in 2019r1 which I still use mostly :slight_smile: