text from an intense of NSString ptr

Is there an elegant way to get contents of a NSString instance referenced by a ptr variable into a Xojo TEXT variable?


[code]declare function stringWithString lib “Foundation” selector “stringWithString:” (clsRef as ptr, str as ptr) as cfstringref
declare function NSClassFromString lib “Foundation” (clsName as cfstringref) as ptr

dim TheText as text = stringWithString(NSClassFromString(“NSString”),NSSTRINGPTR)[/code]
Where NSSTRINGPTR is a pointer to the NSString instance.

You can actually just do this:

Function NSStringToText(str As Ptr) As Text Declare Function self_ Lib "Foundation" Selector "self" (str As Ptr) As CFStringRef Return self_(str) End Function

Even better! Didn’t realize that was possible.

Nice, thanks…