Text Fonts

I thinks I’m going brain dead here…

Textsize… is it specified in POINTS or PIXELS? … OR does it change based on TextUNIT?


and finally TextHeight


I’m thinking TextSize is based on TextUnit (which defaults to POINTS? except on WIndows?? [could that be the basis for people saying the size is differnt?]
and TextHeight is always in Pixels?

I need to be able to look at those values and internally convert them to a normalized value

it’s based on text unit property.

Sorry Christian, but that did not address the question.
I was asking if TextSize AND TextHeight are supposedly both based on TextUnit
because it seems as if they are NOT, that TextSize=TextUnit and TextHeight=Pixels

oh sorry.
Yes, TextHeight should by definition be the number of points an equivalent height rectangle would need to cover the height.

WOW… I would have expected TEXTSIZE to be changed if you change TEXTUNIT, but it is not

  // TextSize 144
  // Units : Inches      : height is 128  ascent 105
  //       : Pixel       : height is 169  ascent 139  <-- default on OSX
  //       : Millimeter  : height is 5    ascent 4

So TEXTHEIGHT changes as does TEXTASCENT if you change TEXTUNIT,
but I’m failing to see why NONE of them output 144…