Text Field formatting to exact length

I need to format a TEXT variable in iOS to be a specified number of characters with leading zeros.

Specifically, I am returning a record key from an iOSSQLiteRecordSet as
sRecordID = rsCustomers.Field(“pkRecID”).TextValue

Now I want to convert sRecordID so that the result is a constant number of characters with leading zeros, i.e. '12" results as “0012”. Can you do this in iOS?

There actually may be a better way of reaching my end result. What I am doing is building a single field that consist of 1st the record id then the last and first name of the customer and building a iOSTable. That way, when the user clicks a row, I can pull the record ID from the cell data. Cell would look like “0012 Smith, John”


There is no str method in iOS. To do what you want, something like this should work:

result = myIntegerVar.ToText(Xojo.Core.Locale.Current, "0000")