Text colour on default button

When you add a default button to a window the text colour of the caption is white on the default blue background. However if you change the text it turns black, which I find difficult to read on the blue background.
Is there a way of forcing it to white … it’s fine.

This is on macOS and not dark mode.


Code? Example? Screenshots? Xojo version? macOS version? Intel or AS?

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Screen shot 1 I added a default button. The text is white.
In screenshot 2 I gave it a name and changed the text from Ok (the default) to New.
I’m using Xojo 2020 2.1 and macOS Catalina 10.15.7. It’s an Intel based iMac.

It could be a bug in the IDE, do you see it at runtime? Have you switched back and forth between dark mode preview? Sometimes this can unstuck things.

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Apparently, this is a default (Xojo 2015r1) here, IN THE IDE ONLY.

At run time, the text is white.

But, this is something I noticed too some days ago. Was it different some weeks ago ?

El Capitan

It shows up correctly (in white) at run time. Don’t use dark mode.

It could be a recent thing; I changed the highlight colour in the Finder preferences a few weeks ago. That just looked wrong and it seemed the problem had sorted itself out so I changed Finder back to the default only to come across this IDE issue … so yes, it does look like an IDE only issue.


The last button on the tiny buttons toolbar toggles between Dark Mode and Light Mode preview and that can sometimes unstuck the drawing. I wasn’t referring to whether or not you use dark mode.

You learn something new every day. Never noticed that before. When I press that to show dark mode the button text turns white. When I press the button again the text goes black.


This is a known bug in the IDE. I don’t have the Feedback Case handy, but the team is aware of it. Sometimes you just gotta double-click that Dark Mode button.