Text Area Read Only Highlighting?

I have a Text Area which is set to read only.

When a user clicks and drags on the text displayed - the text gets highlighted. Is there any way to prevent the highlighting, so that no visible change occurs if the user clicks-and-drags?

I have looked in the language reference, but can see nothing which seems related to this - so I am presuming that it is either not possible - or possible with some kind of work around.

Could someone please clarify.

Thank you all in advance.



HideSelection seems to refer to the selected text not retaining it’s highlighting when it loses focus.
I need the highlighting not to happen AT ALL.

I simply want the text area to display text - but not let the user drag and highlight anything.

I appreciate the fact that you know more than I do, so I tried your recommendation in the following Event Handlers:

TextArea > Open event
TextArea > SelChanged event
TextArea > GotFocus event

Did not work.
I am either putting it in the wrong event handler, or, HideSelection was not exactly what I needed.

Thank you very much for your reply.

One line in SelChanged will do it…

Hint : it starts with Me.Sel

Thanks anyway Eli.