Text and HTML Files

I often include text or html files in an application (e.g. for queries or help).

It would be nice of Xojo had a built in editor for these things. If not, how about a preference to let us specify the application to use when picks Open File?


Do you drag the files into Xojo IDE?

If so then right click ‘Open File’ in the navigator should open it with the default application.


Yes, it does that. What I want to be able to do is control which application is used (based on the file’s extension).

For example, in an iOS app I’m working on, I am using html files to provide help. If I double click the file, it launches Safari, which I never want to do. I want to launch something with which to edit the file (e.g. TextWrangler or TextEdit).


There is no mechanism to control this in the IDE
I think there’s an FR for it

FWIW you can change that at a system level, and it should work.
Pick a HTML file in the Finder, Get Info, change the “Open with:” to be your favorite text editor, click Change All…

there are actually two I’m aware of: <https://xojo.com/issue/14051> and <https://xojo.com/issue/24407> (The latter is incorrectly marked as pre-release (private) Bug and could be merged with the first one.)

Case 14051 requests a text editor inside the IDE. That would be okay, too.

You can create a Constant (string) and paste the plain text from the HTML File (or Text File) into it.
Then you can edit it inside the IDE.