Testing Xojo for web development

Dear People:

Sorry for my “poor” English. I hope you can understand me.

I’m new/noob in Xojo world.

Evaluating the possibility of using Xojo for my future web developments , I find the following concerns :

1 - In my web app, can I call a Python script, pass a few parameters and get the return to display in my app ?

2 - Can I make a web service (SOAP ) to be used by an external app ?

Actually, both cases have been resolved using php , but I need to know if I can migrate to Xojo.

3 - I have noticed a big difference in speed when using the IDE on OS X vs Windows or Linux. Not being OS X an option, which of the other platforms do you recommend and which architecture ( x86 vs x64).

4 - Finally, is Xojo the right tool for web development? I’ve read many comments about people who think that Xojo is a step back regarding Real Studio.

Thanks in advance for your answers and best regards from Argentina ,

Thanks for looking at Xojo!

Sure. You can use an HTTPSocket to communicate with other web services.

No, but you can create REST services using Application.HandleSpecialURL.

The IDE has many speed improvements for 2014r1 (currently in beta). OS X and Windows are used the most. With Windows, I find Windows 7 or WIndows 8.1 works fine (x64 supports more RAM, so probably better). An SSD and lots of RAM are always great way to speed up development.

Xojo introduced many user interface changes as compared to Real Studio. In general, people don’t like change and complain when it occurs. But Xojo is way better than Real Studio. The frameworks are better in every way and the UI has been improved quite a bit since Xojo was released last summer.

Many people find Xojo a great way to create web apps. Here are some samples: https://forum.xojo.com/8939-deployed-web-app-examples

I develop since a half year in Xojo. Formerly I used VisualStudio for several projects (for example Webdocuments). It’s getting used to, because the IDE is really static and sometimes not free of bugs. But since I used this, there was a lot of improvements and the IDE is speeding up now.

Also Xojo is not really cheap, but just for WebApps it’s out of concurrence to other technologies (in my opinion), because of the easy syntax, lightness and the many opportunities.

I am not quite a top-developer, but with a little bit trying and exercise I got impressive results!

So: xojo is a good choice!