Testing Web App

When I’m testing a web app locally, in order to test again (and again) I find i have to either close the page or click the Stop button or close the Test.exe tab in the IDE. Is there a way to just hit “Run” w/o having to do the former each time?

Enter [quote]http://localhost:8080[/quote] in your browser to launch a new session.

I guess I don’t see how that helps? That refreshes the session, but I still have to do what I said above to ‘close’ before i can republish.

Are you editing your code without stopping the debugger and want to automatically update the running debugger? I don’t think that’s possible. I always stop the debugger before changing code, then run again.

Not quite. So I make a change and then run it. Now I make another change and I want to run it again. And then again etc. It’s just inconvenient to hit stop each time. If that’s the way it so, so be it. Just thought there might be some kind of shortcut.


You could file a feature request explaining what you want.

Right now the Green Run Arrow only the text change to Resume and it looks like nothing happens if you click Resume. They could change that, if we play Resume, actually will do a Stop - Run again, saving you the time to press Stop and Run.

Debug Web apps quit when there are no more sessions automatically. Close the browser window, and wait for the session timeout. The debug stub will quit itself gracefully. If you’re making changes and need to debug again before that happens, yes you will have to end the debug stub manually.

Exit the web app in the browser. It will take a few seconds (around 15?) before the source code is available again. I remember reading somewhere that it is not recommended to hit the stop button unless you have to. (a comment from @Greg O’Lone if I recall)

I think this would make a good all-around feature request. Instead of having to hit “Stop” then “Run” to re-run the project with changes, it would be nice to just hit “Run” while debugging to have the debug session ended and a new debug build started. I think that’s what @Peter Greulich is asking.

That’s how I read it too. It’s how Xcode works. It seems like a minor convenience but, actually, when you’re working in an IDE for 12 hours a day, it’s really appreciated. It shouldn’t be a huge change either, you’re basically telling the IDE: “when I click the Run button, if there already is a running debug app, please kill it and then re-run my project”. I really miss it in Xojo when I’ve been working in Xcode for a while and then come “home” to Xojo.

I’d support a Feedback case for this if @Peter Greulich wanted to make one.

Anthony, that’s exactly what I wanted to explain. Thank you for putting the right words.

It’s been pointed out to me that, at least in Desktop projects, clicking the Run button when a debug sessions is already running, brings the app to the front. Which is, of course, nice.

Option-click on the Run button in any project type would therefore be my preferred way of telling the IDE “hey, kill whatever is running and re-run please”.