Testing tools

Does anyone know of an app that can be used to “script” ANY iOS app…
by this I mean basically record a series of actions (swipes etc)… and repeat them on command

This would be helpful in the development of iOS apps to create and replay use cases while debugging…

I know there are tools like this for desktop (Mercury??),

Curse Apple for not making the simulator scriptable

Apple Script is a great tool for this since instead of saying “click at 10,10” which might be on a button you could actually write “click OK button” or something closer to that regardless of where it is on screen

But the simulator doesn’t seem to respond to any scripting

You could probably write an app to do this for the simulator by monitoring mouse events and then recording them and repeating them later with mouse controlling code, but I doubt there is any such app for the iPhone since you would have to jailbreak your phone to install it.

just found this… haven’t had a chance to read it all yet