Testers wanted for NSProcessInfo class – macOS and iOS.

While I still suffer from the difficulties of uploading the new revision of AppleLib to the repository, it occurred to me most users don’t want a big library but rather prefer simple classes or plugins to include in their projects on demand.
Recently, the question for finding the system version came up here again, and I created a class that works on macOS and iOS as well (the same class, not two different ones) with the full feature set of NSProcessInfo. I’d like to have one or two beta testers, especially for iOS, who would like to give it a try.

NSProcessInfo is much more than just the info about system version and a few more system details. You can easily disable screen sleep or device sleep and support long running tasks by changing the latency and disabling sudden termination to avoid data loss, and on iOS it is possible to use a preemptive background thread (with limited functionality as usual when doing such things on Xojo), simply by using an iOSBlock. See https://developer.apple.com/reference/foundation/processinfo for detailed information.

This will become a (slightly) commercial project, meaning I intend to demand a few bucks for it (really only a few), and if the feedback should be positive I intend to decouple a few more things from AppleLib (hint: NSTableView is growing, the native NSScrollView looks nice, CGContext has almost full feature support and I even included most of the functionality of PDF handling on both systems, SpriteKit should have all features now …) to make them easily accessible without having to import the whole library. Everything is wrapped into Xojo classes and datatypes. The testers will get their license for free of course. AppleLib, if I manage to get the upload right, will be maintained though and stay free (or, as it is, on an optional support base …)

I’m happy to test under iOS Ulrich. I have a need to disable the idle timer (which I’m doing now via declares) whenever I POST a large binary to our services, just so the device doesn’t lock during the upload, so some of the NSProcessInfo things could be useful to me.

Thanks a lot for private and public replies! Enough testers found, stay tuned for the results :wink:

Sorry, forgot to mention: Joes ObjC Blocks plugin is a prerequisite für the macOS version!

(Or does someone have a hint on how to recreate that in Xojo code?)

For the testers: I updated a few things, but the functionality stays the same. The documentation is here: