Testers category is gone?

I can’t seem to find the testers channel anymore?
Am i missing something?

I’d like to provide some feedback about bs and possible bugs…

In the Categories listing, I still see Testers.

But once you try to create a topic on the Testers channel i don’t see it.

Testers will be re-opened when there is an r2 test build.

Could you please make another channel “Non public bases” that talks about BS ?
I have questions that i cannot share publicly (for the open internet) but may be talked about by developers…

@DerkJ: the last years macOS betas haven’t been under NDA. Talk away publicly.

Hmm ill review their rules once again then

Are we allowed to talk about pre-releases of an OS in a “non public channel” for Xojo at all? I’d think only non-public channels made by Apple are appropriate to talk about Mac’s secret things…

But I had recently a question about a previous Xojo beta cycle; since the channel is temporarily closed, I had to ask publicly. Shouldn’t the channel remain open for such cases?

That sounds like something that would be usefull. This is potenially a bug, but since i can’t verify if it exist on other systems i can’t know if this is eighter already known by Xojo or anyone else.

You can always contact us directly if you’re not sure if it should be posted publicly.


Thanks, however what if I know it should belong to the testers channel when I’m mentioning something that happened in a previous test cycle?

We generally close the Testers channel when a release is not in testing, but it should be open again soon.

Thanks. Actually, I get this and understand the logic.
But then (and again), how can we discuss about things from/referring to a previous beta cycle while the Testers channel is closed? We aren’t supposed to discuss them in the other channels.

It’s important to keep in mind that not all users on the Testers channel will have necessarily agreed to Apple’s NDA either, so it may not be appropriate to talk about it anywhere on our forum, public or private.

That’s what I meant earlier in this thread.
My latest question was only concerning Xojo.