Testapp for web


Im new i Xojo Web and wounder if someone have a emo app that i can use for testinstall on my server and see if i can host my own apps.
Something realy simple. Som button and at texbox?
One CGI app and onde standalone.

Please Micke

You can find a number of Web example projects in your Xojo install folder.

Xojo/Example Projects/Web

You can also check your server configuration against the System Requirements for Web apps:

Xojo, Inc offers a money back guarantee so if you find your server is not compatible with your web apps just a little late, they’re happy to refund you. Email customer service for exact details.

Someone else building a binary for you to upload violates the EULA.

You can find built apps to test web deployment here:

Test Apps for Deployment

Great thanks. Please Micke