terrible using contraincontrol within contraincontrol..

I couldn’t find a best why to embed containcontrol witin contrincontrol with 3 level structure.
I like containcontrol just because we can’t drag design on it…
seems I have to give up and use self.define class to control the sub blocks level…

Your posting makes very little sense.

1 dialog holds 2 two container ( I named “contain_top”)
2 each contrain_top holds a tab_panel with 3 pages
3 each page holds a container (I named “contain_mid”)
4 contain_mid holds a canvas and several containcontroll I name “contain_sub”)

I spent several hour on positon to show the scrollbar on contain_Mid .but failed…

and now my idea is…

1 dialog holds a tab_panel and one canvas.
canvas holds contain_sub.
2 store all the objs in my own class to manage the page status…

is this better?

I use stacked container controls all the time and it works well for me:
Could you try to describe the issue you are facing, as short and clear as possible? What is the problem?

in my contain_sub ,the scrollbar on the view never put on the right positon

I finally decide to give up …

and use my second plan.