Terms in Spanish

I’ve been playing around with a little iPhone app. It’s supposed to be available in both English and Spanish.

So far I’ve used Google Translate to generate the Spanish. I have some friends who are native Spanish speakers, so I’ll be getting real translations when things are stable.

My Spanish sources, however, may not be that familiar with iPhones. I wonder if there is a list of words that would be used on buttons (e.g. Start, Cancel, Done, Next, Back, etc.). That is, I’m wondering if there are words that are conventionally used in Spanish for controls that might not be the same as one might use in conversation.

Try https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/language . I’m using an improved version of Thomas Tempelmanns’s Open Lingua with Deepl support to get very nice translations ( https://www.mothsoftware.com/downloads/openlingua_deepl.zip)

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Once you have a list of words/translations (means following @Beatrix_Willius advices for instance), you could certainly ask in the Spanish Forum here, if those folks can make a quick sanity check for you. Perhaps we could then even extend that list to other languages for future use. I’m happy to contribute.

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