Terminal Server 2016 Standard: New Window and Properties Issues

tl;dr: In 2 of 10 Cases, the CustomerNumber seems to be going lost but the Window is not “detecting” this a behaving as if the CustomerNumber is there.

We are having an Issue with Clients working on a Windows Terminal Server 2016 Standard 64bit’s with a 32Bit Xojo Made Application.

In my App the User can create multiple Instances of a Window. The Window is not Implicit Instanciated, i open it with:

Dim w As New WindowName w.CustomerNumber = StringVar w.Show

i also tried a Global Property in a Module WindowXYZ(-1) As WindowName and the Code:

Dim w As New WindowName WindowXYZ.Append(w) w.CustomerNumber = StringVar w.Show

and i tried both without the w.Show and also as Implicit Instanciated Window.

Approx. 250ms after the Window has been created, a Timer runs which verifies
if self.CustomerNumber.Trim<>"" and if this is FALSE,
the Window should write a Message into a Textfield in this window and it should report the Issue to our Database (works fine in all other situations since 5 years) and disable a “Save Button”.
If CustomerNumber.Trim<>"" is True, it will display the CustomerNumber in the Window.Title.

Because i can’t remote debug this (Connecting via Internet to Terminal Server via Tunnel and something is preventing the Remote Debugger to detect the IDE…) i am now totally lost on what’s causing this issue.

Any Ideas anyone? :slight_smile:

BTW: I should mention that this issue NEVER occurrs when the App is running locally on a Machine and NOT on a Terminal Server.

What version of xojo?
Has anything changed recently on the server to cause this or have you changed something in the build or even xojo version?

If you can’t connect the debugger, put lots of system.debuglog in and check every is what you expect (variables, timers firing, contents of text fields etc) and view the output with https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/debugview

Do you use any declares that are sensitive to not being run on the root screen/system?

All I could think of off the top of my head, you might have done this already, if not, see how you get on.

2018 R1.1 FC3 (Currenty testing with FC9)


Done by standard and the strange part is, the Code does not trigger any issue at this point.
CustomerNumber must be = “” to see thing happen like they do on the Client Screen, but the Code clearly shows a CustomerNumber and lines like “If CustomerNumber.Trim=”“” or “If CustomerNumber.Trim.Len=0” are passing fine (because the CustomerNumber is there).
BTW: CustomerNumber is delivered by a mySQL Database and can never be “”, but i check it for safety reasons.


Thank you. I really apreciate it. :slight_smile:

BTW: I use the System.Log Function (and for this the Eventviewer on Windows) because the Issue seems not to occurr even if i run the Debugger (+Client/App) right on the Server. But the error looks somewhat random and i can’t be sure … :slight_smile:

My app loads uppon opening a Window, the previous used position and dimension of the window from a configuration file.
This works fine on standard Windows Desktop Systems, but fails on the Terminal Server (a rights issue or maybe a locked file issue…).

Because this is not a critical section of my App, an unhandled exception in such a situation is just reported to the System Log and then discarded by the App, so it can continue it’s work. But in this specific Window, i tried to “soon” to load the configuration and following code was not executed. :confused:

My Quick&Dirty fix is now to use a Try…Catch block when my Prefs.Class tries to read/write values to the Config.File.

Time is currently very rare and my Boss is fine with this solution… :wink: