Terminal or Console Window Control?

I’ve asked about it previously but maybe someone has developed something since the last time I asked!

I’m looking for a good terminal or console window control that can be used when connecting to another device either via telnet or RS-232. I’ve developed a couple of windows that work but just OK. I’m not entirely pleased with how I handle the escape sequences that are sent by devices. A VT-100 emulator control would be ideal. I did manage to find one that someone had partially developed years ago, but I have not be able to get it to work correctly and I don’t think it was ever finished.

If no one has one, I’ll just plug along with what I have got and try to improve it but I’m looking to save time as much as possible! :slight_smile:



[quote=132121:@Norman Palardy]http://rb-term-emu.sourceforge.net

Thank you.

Unfortunately, the first one, RTES, is the one I found previously and I’ve never been able to get it to work correctly. It’s listed as “Alpha” and so I don’t think it’s ever been finished.

I’ll have to look into the second. It looks promising…

Thanks again…

Well, neither of those source forge projects are very useful. The rb-term one is missing things from the project like an interface that is called out for some of the objects. It’s not there.

I’m not sure why people put things up on SourceForge that don’t even compile and have missing things.

And the second one sorta works except the special escape characters sent back in a telnet session still show up.

Ugh. I can’t believe someone doesn’t have a class written that actually works. Oh well, I guess I’ll continue work on what I’ve already done…