Temporary folder

Do I need to create a temporary folder when working with the HTMLviewer? It seems that if I don’t that GetTemporaryFolderItem will “create/find” one for me. What’s the story on this?

The htmlViewer is doing some caching. But this is done in the Application Support folder AFAIR.

Show us the code.

I don’t have any code. I’m just toying around with the HTMLviewer at this point. I was looking at the EElectronics example and it has the following:

[code] If Not CustomerLocation.IsAvailable Then Return

Dim tempFile As FolderItem = GetTemporaryFolderItem

Dim geocode As String
geocode = Replace(kGoogleMapsGeocoder, “%ADDRESS%”, cityStateZip + " USA")

CustomerLocation.LoadPage(geocode, tempFile)
Catch e As HTMLViewerException
// This can occur on versions of Linux that do not have
// libwebkit/libwebkitgtk or libgtkhtml installed, but
// the IsAvailable test at the top should prevent this
// code from ever being reached.
End Try

They seem to just call GetTemporaryFolderItem and let it do it’s thing. I just wasn’t sure if that was a quick and dirty way of handling it, and that on a more involved project it might cause headaches, or if that was the standard way of handling it.