temporary exception entitlement for the MAS

I sandboxed my soon-to-be submitted-app with the App Wrapper Mini and saw that my app now can’t send apple events to MS Outlook, which it needs to (as there is currently no other way to talk to Outlook on the Mac). Okay, so I dug my way through the Apple Docs and learnt what I need is a “temporary exception entitlement” (as Outlook does not afaics provide so called “scripting access groups”, which would allow me to use the “scripting-targets entitlement” as described here).
So I tried to set it up in the App Wrapper Mini build setting, but I’m not sure this is supported as the temporary exception entitlement needs (I think) to be declared in a file called “entitlements.plist”, which afaics App Wrapper Mini does not create. Instead the entitlement can be found in the info.plist file and it here looks like this:

But my app still can’t send apple events to Outlook (found “deny appleevent-send com.microsoft.outlook” in the console)

Which leaves me open for suggestions…


I think you need the Edit Menu > Edit Entitlements in Xcode menu item in App Wrapper Mini to enter the entitlement manually.

Looks like I managed to overlook that menu item. Got it working now, hooray!
Thanks, Mike!

Glad to hear that you’ve got it working.