Temporary Entitlements Experience

Okay - so believe it or not - I tried to use some temporary entitlements with Backup To Go. When I submitted it, I stated to the reviewer the exact reason as to why I needed each and every single entitlement (using the correct forms on the page).

Every single one has been denied.

As far as Apple as the reviewer seems concerned it’s fine for the application to behave incorrectly on 10.7 (because it needs TE’s for system functions to work!) and they refuse to allow Backup To Go to backup applications correctly.

I’m going to decide if I want to fight or just inform my users who have these issues, that they need to take it up with Apple.

Many people have asked me about Temporary Entitlements and I’ve only been able to advise them based upon other users experience, now I have my own and it basically seems like you have to fight tooth and nail for TE’s or be a Preferred App Store partner.

Thank you for sharing your experience, Sam. TE are out for me, now.

No worries - Glad I can help you make an informed decision. I asked the reviewer to provide me with a statement that I can forward onto my customers who’ve raised this issues… He’s not responded. So sadly it seems I’ve yet another reviewer who simply doesn’t care, or worse doesn’t understand english.

I’ve had good luck with my temporary entitlements. They have granted them to me for access to the Notes app, the Reminders app, and the Contacts app (for recording purposes).

The only thing they have ever shot down was a temporary entitlement to the System Preferences.

Good to know - you’re using the Apple Events TE right?


Yeah, I was requesting “com.apple.security.temporary-exception.mach-lookup.global-name:” & “com.apple.security.files.user-selected.executable”.

The damned reviewer doesn’t seem to want to respond to my questions either. I guess it might be time to lodge an appeal and complaint against the reviewer.