templating, linking to template folder

Windows 7

I am using my template to create a new project … I can “Save As” the project to a new name
everything is fine except when i go to build the project
it keeps renaming the .exe as “My Application.exe”
and the “libs” folder as “My Application Libs”
how might I change the build name to what i want IE “Rentals.exe”

also this post talking about making a link to the XoJo template folder
I have a template folder in “My Documents” i am not able to create a shortcut to it and place it in the XoJo Template folder
how might i create a link to it as described in this previous post

Please Advise.

Select the Windows target under Build Settings in the Navigator on the left.
On the right, the Inspector now has a bunch of values, one of them is what you want the executable output to be named.

Yes i see it.
I am now able to change the name of my app.
when i build as win 32 - my application has the new icon i assigned it.
when i build as win 64 - my application has a generic looking icon

why does xojo do that ?

64 bit for Windows is not complete yet.

ah ok got it.
i’ll wait for the 64bit update hopefully before the license runs out.

thanks again

If, as recommended, you use an installer, the installer can add the icon for the menu shortcut or start menu tile. The user will never see the actual exe.

Or Appwrapper 3 if on a Mac.

He is under Windows. The icon missing is typical of Windows 64 bit.

Sorry, misread!

No need to be sorry. If he had posted in the Windows channel, it would have been more evident.