TELNET Class for Xojo Update

Hello everyone.

I just wanted to let those of you know that I have changed my repositories around on Github and the new link to the TELNET_Class_Xojo Class is:
TELNET_Class_Xojo Class (GitHub)

  • I have added custom events to this class now that will help integration into your app.

Have a great night!

Christian from MonkeyBread software has created an SSH Class plugin that works spectacularly. I don’t think he has released the general sales details quite yet, but if you need a native SSH class without having to rely on a shell to launch Plink or Openssh email him. He built the plugin off of the LibSSH2 C project so it is majorly fast!

I have developed (with the help of Kem Tekinay) an SSH class myself that does require Plink for windows (uses native SSH clients in OS X and Linux). If anyone wants this, please contact me. I have a version on my website but I’ve recently made some additional changes and enhancements to the code and can e-mail this to you. Cost is free.