Team Foundation Server

Hi again,

I am trying to find a good source control to use with my Xojo IDE. I have been working with BitBucket the last couple of days, and it seems like it will satisfy my needs for a source control. However, i am trying to keep my options open to trying new source controls that might be more useful, easier to use, or more helpful to use. I have prior experience working with Team Foundation Server (TFS) but i am not having any luck determining if Xojo is compatible with it. So far my research has come up with the result that it is not. If anyone knows if Xojo is or is not compatible with TFS please let me know. Also, if it is compatible, could you show me examples of how you were using it or incorporating the two together?


Why would Xojo not be compatible with Team Foundation Server? As long as you use the text project file format, I would expect TFS to work fine with Xojo files.


If you are looking for integration from the Xojo IDE with TFS I am not aware of anyone offering this type of add-on. The only solution I know of is to do like Paul suggested - save your Xojo source in the text project file format and then use Visual Studio Shell to access the TFS project to add new/check in changed files.