I’m working on an app that needs to transfer various sized files from one machine to another. I’m using an HTTPSecureSocket for the transfer, and POSTing the data to the foreign machine.

I’ve got a little progress box going that shows the progress of the send as it goes. When I’m sending a small file (around 1MB or less) the progress bar seems to match pretty well with what is actually sending. However, when I send a large file (say, 100MB) the progress bar finishes very quickly (and, indeed, the SendProgress stops firing quickly) indicating that all the data has been sent. However, the data has NOT actually been sent yet - just queued up by the OS for send. I can watch my network traffic and the 100MB file takes a minute or 2 to actually send.

I’m on OS X, and I assume this behavior is because the Xojo socket is just queueing up the chunks for the OS. I don’t know if this is how it works on Windows as well, but what I want to know is ACTUAL sending progress.

Is there any way to get at this?

– Kimball