TCPsocket problems

TCPsocket Problems - does anyone know of changes done to TCPsockets between RS2011r4.3 and RS2012r1 (and on up to the current release of XOJO)?

I have several apps that use extensive TCPsockets and they don’t work when compiled in 2012r1 and above. I’ve just stuck with 2011r4.3 until now, but want to get current and start using the XOJO license I paid for (but can’t due to this problem). We are communicating with external devices/hardware via TCP.

To test, and eliminate any other possible issues with our main (very large) app, I put together a simple test app with just a TCPsocket, a couple of pushbuttons to connect and send data, and a listbox to report the status. It works fine in 2011r4.3, but don’t work in 2012r1 and above.

I didn’t see anything in the 2012r1 Release Notes about any changes with TCPsockets, but something is different. Anyone have any ideas?



I recall having similar issues but im not 100% sure what the problem was.
At the back of my mind i think it was to do with string encodings.
They were utf-8 and needed to be ascii.

Not sure if thats any help to you?

Yes, in further testing I’m slowly figuring it out. I think the string encodings does have something to do with it. Thanks and I’ll post back once I get it all figured out.

Russ - yes, it was a change to CHR that was really the problem! Still going through and having to make 100’s of changes in my code now, but at least on the right track.

CHR now returns a ASCII value if less than 128, but a UTF-8 if 128 and above.

But the way I was needing to use it, this actually creates a headache for me to make changes to over 700 lines of code!

Thanks for your help.