TCP Socket Server Concurrent Connections

I want to write a xojo server app that receives connections from many xojo client apps. The clients will rarely send any data (1 “Hello” Packet per minute just to prove the client is still online). Is it best practice to keep the connection alive and how many clients (roughly) should a xojo TCP Socket server handle?


You will want to use ServerSocket on the server app. The clients will use the TCPSocket.

You are right. How many clients can one instance handle if the clients only sending one packet per minute (Just a guesstimate, say 10mbps connection on server and 1 “hello” transmission per minute per client. What would be the bottleneck at the upward range? Thanks again, you guys are great

It would be better to keep the connections open as opening connections is expensive. The number of sockets you can maintain depends on the operating system in question.