TargetWin32 in old projects ?

What happens to projects that have TargetWin32 (used for Platform differences, not 32 / 64 bits differences)when loaded with Xojo 2015r3 ?

Nothing. It works as it did before. Don’t confuse the Framework TargetWin32 with the code Target32bit. 64 bit exe is TargetWin32 AND Target64bit. If ever we get .NET, we may have TargetNET instead. Think of Win32 as the equivalent of Carbon, and .NET that of Cocoa. Expect Windows has not got there yet.

OK. Thank you.

BTW: I used (still use) #If TargetWin32 as a block to put Windows specific code. That was the way the question was in mind.
(as I use some #If TargetMacOS or #If TargetLinux…).

Note: I do not get an eye on 2015r3 enough time, I may have to do that to better understand.