In a TabPanel can you assign different properties to each panel and if so how do I go about it, for instance I would like to update the data in one panel with out effecting the other panels.

Thanks Shane

No can do. TabPanels only contain controls. No properties.

However, what you could do is use a ContainerControl on each tab and each container can have properties. That way the code & controls required on each tab are encapsulated from the containing window.

Tan Panels also can get skin cancer, which is a real bad UI - I mean UV - thing. Causes premature crashes.

Actually, by unchecking the HasBackColor property, your back will be unaffected. Try also ForeColor, but really the FullSunScreen property is the one you really want. However, your nose will still get rosy, since there is no NoseColor property (put in a Feedback request for this.)

Above all, try not to program in the sun. It makes you drowsy.