take inactive windows in runtime!

through this little script I pick up the windows that are active inside the software, I would like to know how I can also take the windows that are not instantiated and active inside the project

dim i as integer
  for i = 0 to WindowCount -1
    Dim t as Introspection.TypeInfo = Introspection.GetType(window(i))
    MsgBox t.Name
  next i

I need to take dynamically the name of the windows that are not active but are residing inside the project!

then they do not exist… other than as code that may or may not ever be executed

@Dave S and by using xojo ide script can I create a procedure that reads windows from the id and inserts names into a constant?

What do you plan to ‘read’ and how to you plan to figure out there is a non-instantiated window?
If you are writing the code… place a dictionary in the code with the name prepopulated, the using your code from above you can determine if they are instantiated or not

@Dave S Could you give me an example? I would need to know if you can put in a constant all the names of the window in xojo ide script!