Take a picture & DB

What is the easiest way to control a USB camera (simple one) to take a picture, show in a DB form/ canvas and store in a SQLite DB ?

Can somebody give examples/ code ?

How I do this ? Save a picture to a BLOB ?

db.sqlexecute (“UPDATE Prestadores SET Photo=’”+PhotoImage.image+"’"+ “WHERE UPPER(ID) = “+ “’”+Str(CurrentID)+”’”)

Whenever I’m working with databases and need a quick reference I always check this topic out on the old forums.


You cannot create a new record or edit an existing record containing a blob field using the UPDATE command (you can update the other fields). You must use the rs.Edit command.

Hi, i just finished a application (windows only) wich can grab a picture from the webcam and store it in a database.
Its not that much tested… but maybe you are intrested in the source(free to use/modify).
See : http://program.comuf.com
Thats it,bye for now.