tagNamesMBS seems to have changed behaviour

My app has previously been using tagNamesMBS and SetTagNamesMBS to set and get file tag names including chr(10) and an integer for a colour. Until recent updates (not sure if OSX, MBS or Xojo) I have been able to set and retrieve the full tag name, including the colour integer.

Now, however, I can set the file tag and colour (it correctly colours the file’s tag) but it no longer returns the chr(10) and associated colour integer - somewhat screwing up my app.

Here’s some simple code to demonstrate:

Var file As folderItem = GetOpenFolderItem("")

Var tagnames_in() As String 
tagnames_in.add "AAA" + Chr(10) + "4"

Var e As Integer = file.SetTagNamesMBS(tagNames_in)
If e<>0 Then
  MsgBox "Error: "+Str(e)
End If

Var cfe As CFErrorMBS
Var tagnames_out() As String = file.TagNamesMBS(cfe)

If cfe <> Nil Then
End If

Var tagIn As String = Join(tagnames_in, " ")
Var tagOut As String = Join(tagnames_out, " ")

textarea1.Text = EncodeHex(tagIn, True) + EndOfLine + EncodeHex(tagout, True)


41 41 41 0A 34
41 41 41

Strangely, in files that I had previously set these (prior to recent updates) I can still retrieve the chr(10) and integer.

Any clues?

Adding some versions:
OSX Ventura 13.3.1(a)
Xojo 2023 r1.1
MBS 23.2

Wasn’t that discussed recently?

If Apple changes the behavior, there is not much to do for us. Sorry.

Thanks for the pointer Beatrix, normally I search for similar problems but sometimes I miss.