Tadpole - SQLite Database Manager

A year or so ago I released my Tadpole Database Manager… recently I upgraded to Xojo 2018, and as a result will soon be releasing an updated version.

There are only four primary upgrades I have in mind.

  • Full 64bit support (current version is compiled in 32bit)
  • Update to latest version of SQLite (per Xojo 2018r4)
  • update the internal SQL Editor to use my latest Syntax/Linenumber Textarea control
  • support of Darkmode (at least for macOS)

If there are any specific features or fixes that I should be made aware of, and can be added to this new release, please let me know.

Those of you who have already purchased a license, this upgrade will be FREE, and will utilize all the currently saved parameters you might have.

First I will be releasing the macOS version. I can compile a Windows Version, but at the moment I cannot test it, since Microsoft issued a Win10 update that effectively killed Windows, and I have not yet be able to restore it to proper working order.

I can’t open an encrypted DB via Drag&Drop

Can you fix it ?