Tabpanel not aligned

i’ve a problem figuring out how to solve an issue i have only on my app compiled under linux.
Here is the code :

rs = App.db.SQLSelect (SQL) While not rs.EOF TabPanel1.Append (Main.ConvertiDataPerVisualizzazione(rs.IdxField(2).StringValue)) IDESAMECORRENTE = rs.IdxField(1).IntegerValue tabNum = TabPanel1.PanelCount - 1 Dim cc As New SchedaStoricoEsameIstologico VettoreContainer.Append(cc) cc.EmbedWithinPanel(TabPanel1, tabNum,20,20) rs.MoveNext

This code populate a tabpanel adding dynamically a new tab for every record there is in the recordset.
The problem under linux is that the first TAB is placed where it should on the top left (20,20)
If i click on the second TAB it is placed in a different position (it seems like 40,40).
If i click on the the third one is placed over the second one and so on.

But on my Mac i don’t have this problem. All the Tabs are placed one over the other on the coordinates (20,20)

What is happening ?


Weird behavior when embedding a ContainerControl within tabpanel is a well known bug on Linux.