Tabpanel.enabled = FALSE ignored on Cocoa - is this a bug?

Hi all,

when I have a tab panel and set it to enabled = False in the IDE, then in a Carbon build it is shown disabled and grey. However in a Cocoa build it is still active.

I presume this is a bug? Just looking for clarification before I submit a feedback report.


Don’t think so
Cocoa just doesn’t seem to draw it disabled the way Carbon did/does.
See System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver and click on something else
It doesn’t disable there either

I have a disabled TabPanel when the user runs a certain thread — it allows the tabs to be read, but the values on each TabPanel page cannot be changed.

On further investigation the bug is actually slightly different.

If you have controls on a TabPanel and you disable the TabPanel then the controls are also disabled.

However if the controls are on a GroupBox in the TabPanel then they stay active and editable (e.g. you can add text to a TextArea, change a CheckBox, click on a PushButton etc

27797 - Objects editable on GroupBox in TabPanel despite TabPanel.enabled = False


example project included