TabPanel Color

Can you give a TabPanel a Background Color or graphic.


I am looking for the same thing. Is it in the list of improvements coming up?

Place a rectangle for solid color or a canvas for a graphic as background.

i am going to rectangle way but instead of putting 5 rectangle for 5 tabs, i want the rectangle using code to be place on the tab when the window is open.

this is the code i am using

  #If TargetWin32
    DIM tmpBG as new Rectangle
    tmpBG.Parent = TabStock
    tmpBG.TabPanelIndex = TabStock.value
    tmpBG.FillColor= kkaliceblue '&cfffeea

I’m trying this with all versions thru 2017v1.1 …and a rectangle and canvas does not work on Windows ?
What am I missing ?
(obviously I have set the colors appropriately on canvas paint or rectangle fill color)

What happens ?

You place the rectangle on top of the Tab Panel, make sure it is child (the Tab Panel shows a red outline), and what ?

It does not show at all, or something else ?

That works perfectly here.

i have since change tactic… and have the tabpanel just on the top and use page panel and groupbox for the bottom part. i try using segmentedcontrol and page panel and group box but since segmented control can have different or different font size , i have put that in the bin.