Tabpanel Caption Localisation

Is it possible to localise the captions of a tabpanel?
I have used the constants elsewhere without issue but when I try and change the tabpanel caption in code I get a syntax error and in the inspector it ignores the constant and inserts #App.kWordList

Window1.TabPanel1.captionat(0) = #App.kWordList +" “+”("+str(totalwords)+")"

Well it might be because that’s not how you use a constant in code :wink:

Try this:

Window1.TabPanel1.captionat(0) = App.kWordList +" "+"("+str(totalwords)+")"

The IDE issue you’ll have to report, as I’m pretty sure they have to fix it. There was an issue like that setting fonts to TextArea with a constant too.

Thanks for the quick reply Tim. Got confused #App. and App. in the code