Table with taller rows

I need a table with taller rows than default . What would be the simplest way to do it?
It seems I have to use the ‘custom table’.
But do I still need to use this:

Table1.AddSection("") Table1.AddRow(0, "First Row")

Or does the custom table have it’s own methods?
What would be the minimum code I could use?
Please help me (I’m not a pro)…

I think you can use iOSCustomTableCell

Thanks, I know, but my code doesn’t work because the height can’t be set…

i’ts been a while for me working with iOS.

Here you can find more info about working with (custom) table cells
Working With Table cells documentation

I think you set the height for the custom table cell in the IDE or code.


Yes, it goes in the Open event handler for the table:

Me.EstimatedRowHeight = 140