Table of text to paint event

Hi all,
Is there any simple way to convert a table of text (let’s say 3 columns x 5 rows) into drawing using the paint event of a canvas? If possible also with text alignment …
Any help on this direction is appreciated !! :wink:


No simple way. You can loop through each column to find the longest string and use that to align the columns and draw separator lines.

Here’s some iOS code that I use to draw a legend that is displayed centered and has a white rectangle of just the right size behind the text.

Var fontsize As Double
If LargeLegend Then
  fontsize = 16
  fontsize = 3.5
End If
Var legendfont As New Font("DINCondensed-Bold", fontsize * Scale)
g.Font = legendfont
// Y allows room for border element - Scale
// Background rectangle
g.DrawingColor = FeatureInverseColorGroup
g.FillRectangle(LeftWithOffset + Offset(1.0)/2 - g.TextWidth(Legend)/2, _
TopWithOffset + Offset(0.95) - Scale - g.TextHeight(Legend, 0), _
g.TextWidth(Legend), g.TextHeight(Legend, 0))
// Add baseline to Y to line things up - Ascent
// Legend
g.DrawingColor = FeatureColorGroup
g.DrawText(Legend, LeftWithOffset + Offset(1.0)/2 - g.TextWidth(Legend)/2, _
TopWithOffset + Offset(1.0) + g.Font.Ascent - Scale - g.TextHeight(Legend, 0))