Table headings DynaPDFTableMBS

When I use DynaPDFTableMBS and the content spans pages, I use
if table.havemore to continue

The next section lacks headings

Is there a setting that will put headings at the top of each section if I have to use 2 or more pages?

Hi Jeff,

I’m doing this from FileMaker using DynaPDF but this should also work in XOJO and of course YMMV but for my use case it solved the issue:

Look at the page number when starting to draw the table to PDF pages.
I suppose you also have a loop that inserts the table.
Now in case the page number/count is getting bigger than the initial page number just insert a header and move the inserted table a bit lower and shrink the height of the inserted table section accordingly.

best, Holger

Do you set the header flag for the row?

dim table as DynaPDFTableMBS // your table

// mark this row as being a header row, so it's repeated on all pages
call table.SetFlags(rowNum, 0, table.ktfHeaderRow)
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always something to learn :slight_smile: