Tabbing To Radio Buttons... Then How To Alternate Between Options

I’ve only got two radio buttons in a group, and when I tab to the group, one of them gets highlighted. I think it is standard UI operating procedure to allow the user to then select amongst the radio buttons with the cursor keys, but that is not working for me. How do I let the user select from among the radio buttons, without using the mouse? Do I need to program this functionality myself?

Looks like you need to set one of the buttons on the group as a default select (i.e. Value = True). I don’t think I ever had a case where there wasn’t one pre-selected on opening of the window so I don’t think I had seen that before, but without pre-selecting one it seems the tab will not go into the group box (in Windows anyways).

Yeah, I have set one as default, and at first I set the Group as the tab target. It did hit the radio buttons, but I could not use my cursor keys to move among the options. Then I tried making the radio buttons each a tab stop. That doesn’t work either.

Try the TAB key ?

Using the example under Desktop->Controls->GroupBox. If you, as an example, set the “I like this one” radio button to Initial State Value = On. When you run the program you can tab into the GroupBox and once you press space bar it will select the one radio button. Once the focus has shifted to the group box radio buttons (which happens when you press space bar) then you should be able to use arrow keys to move around. That is the best I could find using the available examples.

When you’re working on macOS make sure that following is set in System Preferences.
System Preferences --> Keyboard --> tab “Shortcuts” --> Use keyboard navigation to move between controls.
When this option is checked, the Tab key should work between the radiobuttons.

Wow! This works! And the functionality (cursor key radio button selection) remains from window activation to window activation.

The group should receive focus when a member receives focus. Why this particular behavior? It makes for a clunky interface.

I think the arrow key within the groupbox should not move me to the next/prior control. Tab should be required, just like Tab is required for a textbox.

I’m guessing I can intercept key presses and make it do what I want, correct?

(I’m on Windows.)