Tabbing controls in a window

I can Shift-Tab trough all fields in a window, but when I Tab (not Shift-Tab) sounds a beep and focus don’t move.

Can I do anything except delete each field and create them?


Are you referring to design time in the IDE or runtime in your app?


Is there code in the keydown event of your fields? Are the tabIndex numbers of these controls set in a logical way?
The “beep” would indicate to me that there is some code intercepting the tab key.

I never use keydown event. Sometimes (not in this case) I use lostfocus.

Obviously, if this were a problem for everyone, there would be widespread panic. There is not. Something in your code is causing this unique to your project. The lostfocus event sure could do it. I can’t be of much help beyond that.

If I remove and insert the field it works.

Thanks anyway.

Confusion between accepting tabs (AcceptTabs) and accept focus (TabStop).