Tabbed browser example confusion

I’ve installed Xojo in a windows VM. It’s not what I’d call ideal, but at least I can use it now. :slight_smile:
I’ve modified Xojo’s tabbed browser example so that I can enter a search term in a textfield and have the browser open a variety of tabs/sites, loaded with that term already having been searched. The problem is that my search button needs to be in the HTMLContainer to work (I don’t want it in there), since putting that button on the main window just shows errors saying that LoadURL (a method inside the HTMLContainer) doesn’t exist. I’ve done so much reading on how to access that method from outside the container that I’m so confused I don’t even know my own name. Can someone please explain how I can “call” that method?

Never mind. I could swear I looked at the scope for that method and it was public. Turns out it was private. Sometimes, I just can’t see the forest for the trees. Problem solved.

Insert “point-and-laugh victim-dance” here. LOL